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There are millions of children living on the streets vulnerable to abuse, neglect and exploitation.

One Life to Love’s unique approach empowers street children by providing them shelter, safety and equal opportunity to ensure lasting change in their lives.

Our mission is to equip these children by supporting their 3 fundamental rights as lined out in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child


Children have the right to an adequate standard of living, health care, education and services. This includes their right to play and recreation.


Children have the right to protection from abuse, neglect, exploitation and discrimination.


Children have the right to participate in communities and have programs and services for themselves, irrespective of their disabilities, challenges and economic standing.

Meet our family


Changing the lives of generations of children so that they may know Love.

Ruchi Ketta
I’m happy in the Daycare program because the [housemothers] help take care of my younger brother so that I can study.
I was never good at studies, but I loved sports and arts. However, in my school there were no facilities for me to play or practice my arts. Then One Life to Love came and introduced a sports program in our school. They also hired an art teacher and provided all the art supplies. I began playing soccer for the school team. And I was awarded first prize in a drawing contest.
I feel this is my own home and my own children. I get so much joy being a housemother.
Before coming to the Daycare center, I never held a pen. My teacher taught me so much. Now I can write my name.
Niki Kumari
My parents could not afford my education, so I decided to drop out of school in 7th grade. A few months later, One Life to Love workers came to my home to meet my parents and me. They said they would cover all my education expenses. I re-enrolled in school the next day. Now I am getting ready to graduate 12th grade! I could not have done it without them!
I don’t remember my real mother, because she died when I was a baby. But my didi [Courtney, founder OLTL] is like my real mother. She is with me since I’m small and I feel she will never leave me.
Rampal Kumar
If it wasn’t for One Life to Love, my children and I would have been without food by now. Thank you for helping my children.
I used to lock my daughter in a closet all day long while I went for work in the fields. No one would care for her because she has special needs. I was helpless. One Life to Love saved my daughter. Now I know she is loved and taken care of. It is all I ever wanted for her.